Paragon Backup and Recovery 12 Compact (English Version) All the ideas and discussions
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I used two boot loader including Windows and Linux. When your last offer Paragon Partition Manager destroyed my grub, I could not boot and repair took me several hours. Since then, I do not have anything on my pc contents receipt brand Paragon ...

rolo , 14.11.2012, 07:59
Idea status: under consideration


Jimmy, 14.11.2012, 14:39
I thought this area was for "program" ideas and improvements? This shows how many people out there are taking the time to read and investigate a giveaway of the day's free program, and only then "responding" about the program's usefulness and ease of use.
Augusto, 14.11.2012, 18:24
Right ! That's the aim of the discussion !!!

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